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COVID-19 Safety Policy
COVID-19 Safety Policy
An easy to follow guide for staying safe
Written by Dan Unter
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Getting Started

We, at Kitch, take COVID-19 very seriously.

While we believe our marketplace will be a positive economic force for all parties involved, health and safety must remain top of mind. As you go through your vetting process, please make sure everyone is on the same page regarding measures in place to promote ongoing health and safety in the kitchen facility.

The CDC, along with many other health organizations, have published guidelines to follow to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Although we recognize that each kitchen may have their own unique setup and measures to adhere to corporate, local and state mandates, here is an overview of general guidelines for your review:


COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation Policy

Contactless Delivery Best Practices

Printable COVID-19 Signs

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